Born in Postojna on 4 February 1967.jaz-iz-kataloga
Studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana.
Has traveled extensively through India, Australia and elsewhere for study purposes. Lives and works in the Karst region of Slovenia.
Has held over 30 solo exhibitions at home and abroad, and participated in numerous international art colonies.


The Karst – the land of stone

The word stone, in relation to human inhabitance in the Karst region, contains a number of very interesting aspects of meaning. It is rare to find a land where stone and humans live in such coexistence with one another.
Geographically the Karst is a rolling terrain rising above the Gulf of Trieste and the Vipava Valley. The Slovene word “Kras” is of pre-Indo-European origin, based on the concept Karra (stone).
In antiquity the region was called Carsu-radius, later Carso, Carsus.
In Italian it is called Carso, while the Germans call the region Karst, which is also the internationally accepted term in the geological and geographical sciences. And in the Karst lives the “Kraševec”—the inhabitant of the region, who is also like a rock—hard and yet infinitely sensitive.

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